Head Counting

After visions of triplets floating through my head (and one too many jokes from my loving, yet slightly twisted friends and family) I pretty much demanded an ultrasound the second the doctor walked into the room.

Haha! Gotcha! This is a flashback from the twins.
(I simply couldn't resist)

Here's the current baby on the way:

(Yay! Just one!) That's correct, it was the sigh of relief heard around the world.


  1. OH my gosh! You totally got me!! :) hehe. YAY for one!!

  2. You got me too! I was like- whoa!!!! again twins? but yeah for one! you can handle that- after twins one will be a walk in the park;) congrats!!!!!!

  3. Congrats, it's a gummi bear! :-)
    Seriously, yea for new "single" baby! Now if only you could start feeling better...

  4. Aww! Look at your little bean!! :) I hope you're back to feeling more like yourself soon.

  5. You soooo did not get me. I knew that an ultrasound at 8 weeks would NOT look like that if it was twins the heads were WAY too big. Nonetheless, congrats on only one baby this time

  6. Yay!! Can't wait to find out what you are having! :)