I am quite the opinionated person. So in a tip hat/wag finger sort of fashion- here are the things I (and you should) love/hate about the world.


The Olive Garden:
There's too much harshness going on about the OG. Take it for what it is; an unassuming Italian place. It's not trying to earn a star in the Zagat. And anyone who says anything against the salad dressing deserves a good flogging. Minestrone soup and salad all the way!

Pop Tarts:
Finally, an add campaign that doesn't pretend the stuff is real breakfast food. We all know it's desert. And sandwiching them with ice cream is quite possibly the best idea ever. We all know you never were a part of a nutritious breakfast- thanks for finally owning up to it.

In-N-Out Burger:
(and it's not for the reason you think- although the burgers are divine)
For having an 800 number you can call to give comments or make suggestions... and a real person actually talks to you! It's so random! So unnecessary! But if my husband is going to agree to eat there- they need to start serving mayonnaise. I was simply astounded at the sound of a real person who acted like we weren't the strangest people for calling a number at 10pm to ask about mayonnaise. Crazy!


The Dollar Tree/ 99 Cent Store:
I've been told by way too many people that I need to give this particular phenomenon a chance. And I've really tried! I needed cheap stuff for some lessons and whatnot. But seriously, I feel like I'm getting hepatitis just by walking down the aisles! I know I may be a snob, but I have yet to find anything I'm willing to stand in line and pay a dollar for. Seriously, that crap costs LESS than a dollar at other stores. And WHY are they selling underwear there? And bras? And do people really trust a contraceptive item they bought for a dollar? It's just too much. After my last failed attempt I promised myself I would never go back.

The Olive Garden:
You are too far away from me. Build another one! I see they're building some more stuff down the street. BUY A SPACE NOW!

Dairy Queen/Orange Julius:
Quit putting up your big neon sign- then a teensy, tiny little sign that says "coming soon." Not fair. So not fair. The "coming soon" part should be larger. At least don't put up the Orange Julius one! I love those things, and I'm not willing to go to some crappy mall to get one.


  1. ha ha! you crack me up! I am WITH you on In n Out (they know customer service- our gas company doesn't even do that here-sheesh!) and I think that the clearence aisle at Target has better stuff than the dollar store too- I can get a cake mix for $.77 but youare going to charge me $.99? poptarts rock- and they were never healthy- but an awesome indulegence (and a staple in the college days)

  2. and I will hit up Olive Garden anytime to get some minestrone, breadsticks and salad (ahhh the dressing) and the desserts- sersiosuly delicious (which I AM a dessert snob and their desserts are AWESOME)

  3. Oh, Ashley! Where do I begin....

    -I've never heard of the pop tarts/ice cream treat. It sounds SO divine & remotely like something I'd better not even try. What happens when you like it too much??

    -A burger joint should have mayo. Period.

    -I avoid Dollar Tree whenever possible. I needed a bunch of different candy bars the other day (it's for a Father's Day thing....no, really) & HAD to use the restroom. All I can say is *OH*MY*STANK*!!! I don't think you're too far off with that hepatitis fear. I thought I'd stuck my head in a washing machine that had been left, while on a full weeks vaca, full of no longer wet clothes. Not that I've ever done that....

    As usual, you crack me up! Thanks for the giggles. :)