A Promise.

I am never doing this to myself again.

Morning sickness..... BOO!


  1. Why must it be so horrible? I do not understand.

  2. I feel for you Ashley! I am soooo sorry about being sick...there is nothing worse! As if it isn't hard enough to carry the kid for 9 months you have to be so sick too, NO FAIR! If it might give you any ray of hope, with this pregnancy my sickness, (while it may have been more intense than the first) was gone by 15 weeks, when with Dixon it lasted till 24 weeks....Hopefully it will do the same for you! And also pretzels and sour stuff really helped to calm my tummy....if you haven't already tried that!

  3. ooohhhh hang in there! a unisom at night and a half of one in the morning worked for me- sometimes- anyhow- feel better!

  4. I'm sure you'll get all kinds of ideas about different things that worked for other people, so I won't go there. I was one of the lucky few to have little or no morning sickness with different pg's.

    *side note: I feel really guilty for admitting that to you right now.*

    What I did have was miserable, though nothing in comparison to what other women go through.

    My cousin, a fabulous & incredibly intelligent Master Herbologist here in town, recommended this to me forever ago. Ginger. However you can get it or stand it (personally I think the stuff's nasty & would only take it in an encapsulated form). The best time to take it is first thing in the morning, before your toes touch the floor. You have to give it time to kick in, too.

    I know how easy that is going to be with having two kids who are probably your alarm clock. (*insert sarcasm*)

    Also, just keeping something in your stomach all the time (someone said pretzels...those are grrrreat!) will help with the queasiness. If you're not walking around with a pocket full of partially broken pretzels for those first 12+ weeks, something must be wrong with you. ;)

    Feel better!