Base of Operations

If anyone needs to find me, I will be.... on the couch. I can count how many times I've gotten off this couch since Thursday on one hand. For some reason the extreme queasiness and head spinning dizziness will only say uncle if I am laying down. (not to sound too pathetic) I am amazed at how much I can get done while on the couch, like paying the bills, surfing the web, watching too many hours of TV with the kids, ignoring any and all household chores, and being completely unaware of the weather outside. (is it cold today? Windy? Hot? I don't know!)
Although I am keeping an eye out for any fusing of my skin to the couch fibers. I've heard cases of this on the TV, like the 600 lb. man. I am trying (well kind of) to stay just shy of 600 lbs. during this pregnancy, but I can't make too wild of promises.
So long, outside world, I'll see you in about two months.


  1. I have to say, I don't envy you. Early stages of pregnancy are so dang hard! Just take it easy!!! Maybe you should have a goal of being fused to the couch . . . you're busy building a baby! :)

  2. if i were in town i would come over + fuse myself to your couch + surf the web right next to you :) hang in there!

  3. awww!!! Hang in there hon! I'm down the street if you need anything! :) growing a person is HARD work!

  4. This is why there is not a 3rd Baker on the way- FIVE months of "morning" sickness and I are mortal enemies. Sorry you are not feeling well. The end result could not be more perfect- hang in there!