Formidable Opponent

Me: It's lunchtime. Let's eat something.
Belly: No, I don't wanna.
Me: C'mon, I can't keep losing so much weight, yet feeling so fat! It's driving me nuts!
Belly: Does that queasy feeling give you any hint?

Me: How about some of the chinese leftovers?
Belly: Ew. Worst idea ever.
Me: But you wouldn't leave me alone about the chinese food yesterday!
Belly: That was so yesterday.
Me: Does anything in this fridge look good to you?
Belly: No way. All gross.

Belly: Fig Newtons. I want Fig Newtons.
Me: We don't have any. Pick something else.
Belly: If you don't go get me Fig Newtons I will make you hurl 'till Tuesday!

---- 40 minutes later ----

Me: Okay! Got two boxes of the Figs!
Belly: Oh, that sounds just awful.
Me: WHAT?! I got dressed and everything! I dragged the twins around Target!
Belly: You know, that chow mein in the fridge sounds so yummy.
Me: You are just mean.


  1. ROTFLOL!!!!!!!! That is just hysterical and I soooooooooooo feel your pain I had a similar conversation with myself today too.

  2. THAT IS PRICELESS! Hilarious!! LOLOL.

  3. I am so sorry! I was thinking about you today and wondering if Del would sound good to you? I could bring it by around 4:30 :)

  4. ahhh man! next time call me and I'll go to target for you sill girl! feel better!