The End is Near

Can somebody please tell me why my relatively new plasma TV looks like this?

Seriously, you can't take TV away from a pregnant woman who is living on her couch. It's cruel and unusual punishment. All the sudden, at 10:24 am yesterday morning, the screen got all snowy and started burning images right and left. It's insane. I am still waiting for the "authorized service representative" with the 562 area code to call me back to see how much this repair (if it even can be fixed) will cost.

What's even more insane? The upstairs TV which I bought in my early college years for $100 at Sav-On is still working perfectly! I've been waiting for that monstrosity to kick the bucket so I could replace it, and no! It refuses to go down!

Sad, sad day.


  1. Sorry, I have Direct, not Dish. Besides, I'm no TV whiz. But, yes, you NEED a TV. Morning sickness requires it!

  2. Sorry, no help from this direction. We're LCD people and have no clue about Plasma. However, the hubs says to check the cables. He knows it sounds like a stupid thing to do, but sometimes a bad cable is all that's wrong. Oh and I'd call back my TV people and raise hell! No more waiting for me!

  3. I heard that some TV's burn images into the screen...but I thought it was the LCD's and not the plasma's...so obviously I'm no help. But I feel your pain, that totally sucks!! Good luck!

  4. ohhh sorry it's fuzzy! I still think you should hit up RC willey and get a warrantied TV- good luck! a pregnant woman (in the summer heat in las vegas) NEEDS a TV! It's ESSENTIAL! In the meantime we'll just have to hang out!