Summer Routine

Pretty much anywhere else in the US, summer is a time to play outdoors; to have fun in the sun; to be released from the indoor drudgery of winter.

The reality in the desert is that we hole ourselves up in our air conditioned homes, hiding from the scorching sunlight. It's so hot, so unbearable, so miserable; this heat outside. It sucks all the energy right out of me. (especially the pregnant version of me)

So the new summer routine consists of some morning television: Dora and Curious George. Some water play inside (thank goodness for tiled floors) and then reading/coloring/playing in forts. It's lovely staying indoors. It feels like such a slower pace. (perfect time for big glasses of lemonade)

When fall finally arrives, we'll be back out hanging in the parks, going on jogs, running all over town in the wonderful cool weather. But for now, we're hiding from the heat.


  1. AMEN! Chocolate melts in the summer too!- although I'm still up for a chocolate run- let me know when you are- we can at least hit target and buy some bags:) he he-and I melt going to the mailbox- I love staying indoors in the summer!

  2. I second that!! I really wish there were more 'perfect' weather days to enjoy!! I really really do!