Operation Binkie Freedom

Objective: the twins are getting too old (and chewing too much) to have binkies to go to sleep. Somehow the binkies need to be history.

Phase 1: find binkies that are more like teethers- Thank you, Playtex! (although I'm secretly wishing I would have ordered these- but I'm impatient. This starts now!)
Phase 2: hope the teethers hold up or the girls start hating them and wean themselves.
Phase 3: do all this and still keep a consistent sleep schedule.

And then there's always...

Plan B: break out the secret stash of normal binkies and try this bravery some other day.


  1. We took Bella to Build-A-Bear and have her stuff them ALL in there. Then we told her if she needed her binky, to give the bear a hug. We had a few nights of crying, but it was worth it in the end! Binkies are SO HARD to get rid of!

  2. My mom saw this idea. You snip off the end of the binkie, just a little each day and then when it's gone you throw it away. I read in a magazine this mom had her girl get all her binkies and bury them outside to grow a binkie tree. Then at night you go and plant a little flower or something so when they wake up they see this binkie tree!!

  3. Good luck! It is a hard one to break. A binky was Norah's only comfort item, so her pediatrician said not to sweat it if she only used it at sleep time. When she was ready- we did not have any problem and it was gone in a day or two.