It's Like Russian Roulette!

.... depositing money into the bank and waiting for the balance slip to come back; painfully broke or going shopping? The suspense!

.... taking a car into the shop; just an oil change or huge teardown and repair? I lost this one yesterday. Although I have the best mechanic in the world, so it was only a slightly crappy experience. I'm sure it will suck even more when I go pick up said car and swipe my card. Ouch.

.... waking the girls up in the morning; crazy grumpy or cute smiling faces? Thanks to baby birds in grandma's backyard, we had happy babies.

.... checking out at Target; how come I can't get out of that place before spending $50+ it's a mystery.

.... taking laundry out of the washer; will I find a waterlogged (ruined) cell phone or not? Usually I do find my phone at the bottom. It's depressing. Perhaps I should invest in Samsung stock or something?

.... buying two toys that are not exactly identical in every single way; will the girls fight, or share? Fight. Everytime. Why do I do this to myself? Although in my defense they fight over the exact same toys too. I guess I'm not so masochistic after all. I just have twins.

.... making any sort of bread in my oven. Perfectly golden brown or a soggy mess in the middle? The GE guy said it was on temperature. But I would beg to differ- I mean, it couldn't possibly be me!

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  1. Ahhh yes...roulette- I've never been good at roulette (because I'm such a planner-it's tough to let the cards lie where they may)sigh...I feel ya!