Ravings of the Clean Freak

I thought I was in love with my Swiffer Wet. However, my grout was turning black, and I have my suspicions it was leaving the whole floor sticky. I am so tired of scrubbing our floors Cinderella-style with vinegar. (although it works really well!) And our entire 1st floor is tile- it was gross, and hard, and well... I refused to do it any longer. Who decided that travertine was a good choice of flooring? Travertine? With all the little indentations that dirt and food particles can get completely wedged into? A good idea? Perhaps- if no body lives on that floor!
Then I heard about a steam mop. It claims to sanitize floors.... WHAT? SANITIZE!? Another surface I can sanitize?! Sign me up!
I did some research and found the Bissell hard floor steamer was the best... but they only sold it online. Now, one thing you need to know about me is that once I have decided on something- I cannot wait for UPS to deliver it. So I found the purple Shark they sell at Target.
I am now in love. It doesn't work the miracles I was hoping, but it certainly delays the inevitable professional tile cleaning and un-professional (by which I mean Me, Logan, and possibly my Dad) grout and tile sealing. I'm not looking forward to this day of moving all the furniture to the garage and not being able to go inside the house for a couple days- so we're putting that off... until... I'm motivated enough and the steamer somehow collapses from over-use.

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  1. Travertine floors DO have a lot of crevices ect. they are a pain- which is why we chose hardwood floors- much easier- so I may have to try out a steamer for my kitchen though- the place with dreaded tile grout