Mornings around here have been very out-of-whack. Construction has resumed on the homes around us. It's very loud, and wakes up the girls extra early. But maybe it's a sign that homes are selling quicker? I also believe construction to be (at least in part) the culprit behind the short naps.

And for some reason, I have a ridiculous amount of cereal. Most are half empty, I'm thinking about pouring most of them together.


  1. Ugh! Construction noise is the worst. I feel for ya'! I, too, have oodles of cereal boxes -- combining could be a good idea (although my picky eaters probably wouldn't have it).

  2. Yuck construction!! BUt at least that means things are looking up for you Vegas'ns.

    And I have a bad habit of letting Bella pick out a cereal every time we go to the store...she loves them, so I buy them. I always have too many and feel bad for throwing some away that are older and have sat opened in the pantry too long.