I was gonna be...

When I was in high school (and younger) I was secretly determined to be an astronaut. Like hard core; I read books on brown dwarf stars and stuff. It was all from watching the movie Space Camp when I was a kid. (good movie- go watch it!) I stopped telling people my dream because (a) didn't want to be pictured as a sci-fi geek (b) found out the process you need to go through to be an astronaut (c) it involves serious math skills and 20/20 vision. It was a perfect storm of impossibility for me. Apparently I'm smart enough to understand the theories- but not smart enough to do the math and come up with my own theories.

But I try and keep up with space related discoveries and things. I love space. I love the infiniteness of it, and the crazy stuff that happens in there... it's an amazing place. Although I will admit to do enjoy William Shatner's acting, and Patrick Stewart's sexy accent, and I probably will see the new Star Trek movie... but that is as close to Sci-Fi freak as I get. I like the actual coolness of space. No need for crazy hollywood to get in the middle and muck it up.

Oh yeah! The whole reason I was writing this post- check out the cool Hubble Pics!

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  1. I love space-related stuff, too. I had a Space Camp dream many years ago . . . oh, well. I love the Hubble Pics!