The First Swim of the Year

After running in the park- the girls' cheeks got really red. It's getting hot already! (dang!) Just in the nick of time a friend called with a blow-up pool and a hose. Perfect.

No one but Norah would smile. Even though everyone was having a blast.

It was so hot! We should be used to this... but we're not. I want out already. No more heat. Bring winter back on stage!


  1. FUN! Can't wait to be doing that this weekend! Saturday, hurry up! Girls are so cute with their matching suits!

  2. totally cute. i can't wait till our local pool opens, huzzah! and no. no more winter, sorry. us summer babies need our fair share!!

  3. I love the pic of water on the head...what fun! Ok, seriosuly summer is ridiculous here- I want it to be fall!! i HATE summers here-bleh...