Tucked Away For Later

A great idea I got from an old magazine from last year. I was hoping to file it away in my brain, but you know how that goes... poof! It's gone!

So anyway, the mother had older children who were leaving tons of dishes in the sink, and they were running the dishwasher at least twice a day. (which is what we do in our home lately!) This lady had the best idea! She had the kids decorate their own cup and a deep dish/plate that would work for soups, cereal, and regular meal stuff. (like at those paint your own ceramic places)

They only got one dish and one cup. They then taught the kids how to properly hand wash their dishes after eating. It sounds like a great solution! They have to wash their own dishes if they want to eat the next meal... and if they procrastinate they will learn how hard it is to scrape dried oatmeal off of dishes! Perfection!
So in a few years I will be going over to this system. (drooling over the idea of kids picking up after themselves)


  1. it is genuis! Oh and we had kids washing thier dishes from snack at three years- real dishes- child size- but they can learn how about three years old- it just takes patience and showing them- and it is a huge burden off your back- it really is genius! Give it a year- they'll be wahing thier dishes soon enough!

  2. john and i have a cup each; a mug really, color coded. green for girls, blue for boys. we were losing track of who's glass was who's, so we had a bazillion glasses out, and at the time, he and i were the only ones drinking out of glasses! it was ridiculous! but this worked perfectly. we're better about it now, we don't absolutely have to have the colored mugs, but boy were they an awesome solution at the time!