Magna Doodles

This tantrum-free lunch was brought to you by Magna Doodle.
Magna Doodle: The only way to curb your child's boredom!

Yes, I drew that. It's a picture of our dog, Peaches. I know- it's pretty great... should hang in the Guggenheim for sure.

Cuteness is the word of the day

I will love these toys until the day I die. They are always in my diaper bag. Works like a charm every time. One is Dora the Explorer and the other one is Barbie. (hugs!)


  1. Love it!! They go to church with us...but thats genius to take it with you to everyday places. Genius!
    And that does look like Peaches...it's all in the ears ;).

  2. I just bought another one today for Reagan! Love them!!

  3. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Magna Doodles. They are the root of my sanity. Evan calls his, "A" because Norah was practicing writing the letter A and it has stuck.

  4. Alyssa loves those things as well, but Jayce really doesn't care. Is it a girl thing? Anyway, I get the Magna Doodle dependency! :)

  5. I LOOOOOVE magna doodles- although you have two that are different-uh ohhh- I predict tiffs in your future:( I hope not! they are really fun!!!awesome toys! love 'em!