Around the House

I have a sinking feeling that I have (once again) washed my cellphone with the laundry. I can't find it- can somebody call me? And keep calling me until I answer? Much appreciation.

***update: Ha! I found it wedged between a couch cushion! Thank goodness! I can't replace another phone!***

Do I have enough diapers? My sincere apologies to the environment- these will be in a landfill at no time. Sorry- there was no way I was doing the cloth diaper thing.

This is the lemon tree I'm trying to rehabilitate. It was a neighbor's, and when she moved it didn't get watered for a little bit- and the wind blew off most of the leaves. I'm trying not to let my past failures (and there are many) deter me from keeping plants alive. Let's pretend this one will survive, shall we?


  1. Ahhh the diapers! I love the environment and all too but I just couldn't do cloth diapers- it just wasn't going to happen- and your tree reminds me of the beautiful plumeria plant we brought home from our honeymoon, we nurtured it and watched it grow and then Mikey came along and ripped it up- huge sigh- anyhow it was sad...good luck with your tree!