For Those With Kids

Hey SH ladies! (and those in the general LV vicinity) my friend, Lacie is starting up a Montessori school. She's very awesome- and I want her school to do well so I can enroll my kids when they get old enough. Check her out. I can totally vouch for her awesomeness. I've known her since high school- so she passes that test. No fly-by-night business here. Thank you!


  1. this has nothing to do with this post but the picture of you and Logan at the top of your blog is so cute!!! PS.... he's totally cheating on me and getting his haircut somewhere else huh?! :) jk, totally understand!

  2. Actually no! He went back to a "summer cut" (buzz) and I did him along with the dog. You need Saturday appts! He gets home pretty late. So we're waiting until you get the Saturday slot back! :)