Road Trip Conversation

When you're stuck in a car driving for hours, there's not much else to do than talk. That is my defense for the following conversation.

me: When are you planning on shaving that vacation-beard?
husband: I would love to have some crazy chops for a couple days.
me: I vote no on that idea.
husband: What? It's just for fun... hey, do you ever wish you had facial hair?
me: I'm glad we're working on the premise that I don't already have facial hair. But no. I am not envious of your ability to grow hair on your face.
husband: I'm totally having huge chops tomorrow. (he did- it was awful)
me: (sigh)


  1. LOL!! ohmigoodness, i can totally see logan saying that stuff. what a DORK! (i can say that people, i'm his sister.)