Home at Last!

I admit it- I didn't break out the camera as much as I probably should have. I like having fun more than taking pictures of fun. Or even worse re-creating the fun that wasn't photographed. Ugh.

But I caught this precious moment at Tom's Farms. The girls love a good stream. And a bridge over the stream is just a bonus. There were ducks in the pond- but Addie was seriously afraid of the ducks (they were about her size- I'd probably be scared too) so we spent the afternoon watching the water go under the bridge.

And now we're home! I have a profound and deep appreciation for my home. Having spent the past week in various hotel rooms, I delighted in putting the dirty clothes in the wash. To unpack, have everything in it's place and just breathe a sigh of relief. I'm home. Let's get back to normal. This normal will start off with a good night's sleep. (ahem, girls)

Tomorrow I will be disassembling the car and cleaning all the post-roadtrip junk out of there. I will spare you all the pictures. I am also freakishly excited to strip down the carseats and throw the fabric part in the washer. (I'm pretty confident you can do that.... I should go find the manual... yes the manual confirms it... excitement!)


  1. You crack me up- getting all giddy about 'washing the carseat fabric'. That's pretty funny because I got all giddy about washing Hailyn's bouncer- ya know. So you are motivating me to get going on cleaning my car and house- hmmm... I'm still lacking motivation- maybe I need a fun vacay to get Hailyn to sleep well again- then clean my car- yep that' it! eureka! Anyhow, I'm glad you and your fam had fun- what a cool pond/bridge/stream! your girls are too cute- they are all into watching the water- it is soothing after all! Glad you had a great trip! Glad you are back in your house (isn't that the best to come home after a trip?) hope you get all the rest you need/want! Party people!

  2. Just washed & vacuumed my carseats after our trip and it feels SOOO good... also I am (well, my mom is- I am just purchasing everything) making carseat covers so the washing is not such a hassle. There are little triumphs in life that are just so simple.

  3. Carseat covers are a great idea. It took about an hour to disassemble the entire seat, belts, latches, etc. to get the cushion off. Way too much work!