Not to be trusted...

Bits of TV that shouldn't be trusted:

1. The Mesothelioma ads that have to add "medical" in front of the word "doctor."
2. Wilford Brimley. I can't exactly put my finger on it, but that guy has something going on.
3. Any hair removal system that is "completely painless."
4. The bug removal thing that you plug in and it magically deters bugs. No explanation as to why- it just keeps the bugs away.
5. Meteorologists. Made a super big deal about how much moisture is NOT coming our way, and it rains on my jog this morning.
6. Car dealerships need to fire the guy who orders their cars. Apparently every car dealership ends up with a "huge surplus" involving a "huge sale."
7. The National Association of Realtors who has a whole commercial dedicated to desperately crying for people to buy homes under the guise of "homes are still a good investment!"

Anybody else know of some TV tidbits that shouldn't be trusted? Share!


  1. Any info-mercial with a guy with a mullet on exercise equipment or a guy screaming at you to "BUY NOW" (a certain Billy Mays and his way too dark and perfect beard and creep me out!)