I have a lot of nightmares. Probably because I'm so tightly wound. But I thought this one was super-scary, then super-funny when I woke up. So here's this scary dream:
Someone had hacked into my laptop and started up a facebook account for me. Agh! Then they redirected my blog address to some dark and creepy site about the occult. Agh again! And then.... they erased all of my emails in gmail! The horror! The horror!


  1. It's the ghost of Facebook past telling you to "JOOOOOOIN FAAAAAAAAAACEBOOOOOK...........Doooooooo iiiiiit!" (in an eerily spooky voice).

  2. I had a dream last night where we were at a wedding reception, just standing around chatting.

    And every few seconds, this serious pain would shoot up my thumbs. I have no idea why.