Finally! Proof!

For months now my breads, pizzas, and cupcakes have all come out soggy in the middle. I was sure there was something wrong with the oven. Logan was sure there was something wrong with the chef. I know I'm not the best cook, but I can't be THAT bad! So I bought a thermometer. And.... redemption! Our oven runs 50 degrees cooler than it says!

So this is bittersweet. I am right- again. But my brand new oven is broken! The worst part is that the warranty on it expired 3 mos. ago. Gah! Not buying the extended plan always jinxes it.
At least I'm still right.


  1. AGH! That ALWAYS happens- you buy the warrenty and the MINUTE it expires- it poops out on you- ahhh! I have suffered from this problem myself- good luck fixing the oven (it's always something right?) at least you were right chef!

  2. Ahh Ashley- you leave the sweetest comments on my blog- thank you! I can not WAIT to have your girls! They are just awesome! I'm so excited about this! If you know anyone- pass the word along- I'm going to make up business cards as well...yeah!