The Tao of Painting

I painted the guest room today... in four hours! Don't ask me why, I'm sure the crazy part of my brain will fill me in on his logic at some point. But whew! I still have half the girls' nap to have lunch and recover. (my old-lady hands are killing me!)

Here are some myths I would like to dispel about painting:

  1. Taping and dropcloths are completely optional. (and a huge time-suck) Just know you may get a drop here or there- but you've saved yourself half the time by not taping everything off- so let it go.
  2. You will get paint all over yourself. There is no way to avoid this. (who paints in nice clothes anyway? If you do- dumb move)
  3. It's better to get it done than to make it perfect. Sure, my lines aren't precisely straight. (which should really bother me) But I wanted it done... like now.
  4. Taking paint swatches and "thinking it over" is overrated. The first swatch you take out is probably the one you'll end up with anyway- quit over thinking it. (unless your color is sunshine yellow- then forget it; I've had personal experience with this color- run away)
  5. Faux finishes are for professionals- I can't tell you how many shows on HGTV where the normal joe-schmo took a sponge to their walls. It looks bad people.
You're welcome for all the wisdom. Tomorrow I will be painting the downstairs bath. Wish me luck!


  1. go ashley! i wish i had 1/2 of your energy today :)

  2. I do not enjoy painting. At all. I used to, until we painted our kitchen, living room (twice), bedroom (4 coats), study, and bathroom (three times). Hate.

  3. Post some pictures when you get a chance! Painting is so much fun!