School of Hard Knocks

You think you had a rough childhood? Well I have proof to the contrary. I was digging around some old boxes and found a statement that my parents billed me for a couple lost retainers. (accidentally threw #1 away, then the dog chewed #2 only a few weeks later)
But seriously, do you see the "3 hours ironing" entry? Three hours?! Have never ironed that much my entire married life!
Poor, poor little girl- Ironing for hours on end. Had I only known I could have reported her for infringement of child labor laws! LOL (but at least I had a rockin' set of curly-bangs! Or is that a Chinchilla nesting on my pony tail?!)

In all fairness I wasn't that young, in high school or something- but still. It's so weird I've kept it all these years. (Probably couldn't throw it away because it says I still owe my parents $100. )


  1. oooooooohhhhhh....Ashley. Thats hilarious, but so sad that I can actually believe it, and SEE your momma filling that out ;).
    But yes, little blonde Ashley was (is Ü) a cutie pie!!

  2. What a cute pic!!

    I remember being SO scared about losing my retainer. I lost it many times but always managed to recover it right before giving up. I'm not sure what my parents would have done if I had lost it! :)

  3. Rad bangs! Love the invoice idea... something to put on my brain backburner for the teen years.