I am finally finished painting. I think the bathroom turned out really well. It's just the half-bath downstairs, but everything else downstairs is painted and decorated, so that white blah bathroom really stood out. It has been bugging me for months.

...and this bird/twig holder is really supposed to be a toilet paper holder, but I think it looks better holding towels... and I didn't want those birds watching people pee so closely. Wouldn't it be weird to have two birds in a tree down there? That's what I thought too.

Here's the catalyst of it all- the spare bedroom (also called the nap room- that's why there's a play yard in there) No huge deal- just needed to get rid of that horrible builder flat paint. My mother said it best- "that stuff is like having powdered milk all over your walls." Yes.


  1. lol! powdered milk! i couldn't have said it better myself. i wanted to paint our last house, because they had these gorgeous, rich redwood floors, and the walls were white, with cream trim. total ick. it needed some major warmth to play up the hardwood floor, but my husband wouldn't let me. his reason? "walls are supposed to be white." i mean really? what planet was he hatched on? he got away with it because i was eight months pregnant when we moved in, and spent the next year being sick in various capacities, but i'm determined to paint my pale PINK walls in this house some other, less ghastly color. PINK people. can you think of a wall color that is less me? i didn't think so.
    (wow, that was quite the rant. you must have hit a nerve, all your painting accomplishingness!)

  2. How lovely! I am always so scared to mix color in my house so I've only had one color throughout for as long as I can remember. You inspire me though..A change might be on the way! Great job Ashley!

  3. you are AMBITIOUS!!! Girl! That's awesome! Painter extrodinaire! So anyhow, it looks awesome- love your 'modified?' toilet/towel paper holder- towel holder- definately. Anyhow it looks great- your mom's concept of powedered milk on the walls is the BEST description I have ever heard for the builders flat paint- seriously! We bought our house from the previous seller and they never once painted the walls- it sitll had the flat paint- agh! I painted immediately- I had to! Anyhow, it looks good- great job! (And I want to be as ambitious as you- I still have aboiut 10k words to go!)

  4. I LOVE to paint (the inside of my house anyway – outside seems daunting . . . ) But, I’d be scared to do it without at least tape! Surprising you’d forgo the tape as you seem more OCD than me! :-)