We Are Two!

Oh boy... we're now on a collision course with the "terrible twos"! Everybody run!


Cuppie Cakes!

Sitting in our new Elmo chair playing with new puzzles. Life is good.

Nannie and Pop Pop came all the way from Illinois!
.... and a slide! In our house!


  1. You know, I didn't think the 2 years were that bad, so here's to hoping for a mild year. :) Happy birthday, girls!

  2. Good luck with the Two's! They aren't so bad, I don't think Bella ever went thru them...but Aube is another story!!
    Slides inside are fun!!
    Happy Birthday girls!! Is today their actual birthday? Or was it yesterday, I can never remember!!

  3. oh ashley, your girls are so beautiful! how did thte haircuts go? i never felt that taylor was terrible at two... it was 3 that was the hardest for me.

    happy birthday to them, looks like they'll have a lot of fun on that slide. we had one of those in our house as well + it was always a hit when we would have friends over to play :)

    oh, and HAPPY NEW YEAR! hopefully next time i'm in town i'll get to see you!

  4. Well, technically they will be two on the 9th. :)