I get that architects need something new and innovative to add to the same old houses out here. But I have one complaint! There is an upside down house in our subdivision. It wants to mimick the split level homes so popular in the midwest in past decades. But we don't have basements, so it is just a house with all the bedrooms at the bottom, and the kitchen/living room on top. This poses a problem for me. Our house is normal, but flanked by two upside down houses. That means our master bedroom looks out to our neighbor's living room. Our bathroom window has a view of the neighbor's kitchen. You see the problem? Just a bad idea!

Too much "innovation" can lead to watching your neighbor bathe while you make dinner.


  1. Ugh! That isn't a fun thought. :) Hilarious post, Ashey, and I agree -- usually these new-age architectural feats are too much.

    Hope your cooking is free of too-revealing neighbors!!! :)

  2. Egads!!!!!Sometimes, people just need to stick with the classics- and put up blinds!

  3. That is hilarious!! What are people thinking!?! Hope you have blackout curtains!

  4. oh no! that's crazy. we lived in a house in illinois where our neighbors could see into our bedroom from their kitchen window. luckily they put up blinds + had them closed a lot of the time.

    the house we live in now is the only one that's ever had ALL of the windows covered + it's so nice not to have to worry about flashing the people behind us :)