First Haircut

The morning of the first haircut- the forecast wasn't looking good. The girls were pretty squirrely- and became grumpier throughout the day. But we pressed on- Yo Gabba Gabba was turned on and the girls were fine! They sat still while Nannie cut their hair. It was so special to have our Grandma in from Illinois to cut their hair for the first time!
There wasn't a whole lot of hair cut- but it looks great. Bad pictures, though! I had to hold the girls on my lap- so that left Logan in charge of the camera. Bummer. Here's the only semi-decent picture:

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  1. Yea, another milestone! Even though there is not a whole lot of hair to cut, it is amazing how much thicker and fuller the hair looks after a trim! This is coming from the mom of a bald 2 year old, but had her hair trimmed at 18 mths. :-)