Dadda! Work!

The Husband's work wanted us to bring in the girls for a safety meeting they were having. The idea was that your family is your "most important stop" and to be careful and follow the safety rules to return home in one piece- pretty sweet.
The girls were really excited to "go Dadda work." And the husband had fun showing them his truck and his co-workers. The girls were (of course) extremely shy, but they did ok. The best part was a sweet lady who gave them official UPS squishy trucks and bears.... their favorite possessions of the day.


  1. AWWWW! How cute- and how fun! What a good company UPS is! I LOVE our UPS guy (in a platonic way of course) since we've had Hailyn we do a lot of online shopping for essentials and last night he dropped off a delivery, had treats for Bailey (my dog) and played with her and pet her- she loved it! I'm so glad he was comfortable enough to make Bailey feel at ease- at the end of his visit- Bailey wanted to leave with him! UPS seems to really care about thier employees and they seem to be a family oriented company- which I think is awesome- and hoorah for the squishy trucks- those look awesome! Your girls are SO dang cute!

  2. How fun! Daddy's work is always so exciting.

  3. How fun!! Those little trucks are cute ;).