The Letter B

Every once and a while you get a moment with your kids that makes everything crystal clear and wondrous. These moments are pretty scarce, but when they come around, it makes all the screaming and frustration worth it. Tonight I was privileged to have such a moment.
To preface, I should state that the girls are a little behind in the speech department. It is due to their twin language completely. Why speak English when sister can understand you just fine in twin jibberish?! This has been my challenge as a parent.... and I am constantly worrying I'm failing them.
They know just enough words to keep them only barely on schedule for their age. And they have not been very successful in recognizing numbers or letters. This was all about to (slightly) change.
After dinner, I was taking The Bunny out of her highchair and out of nowhere, she pointed and said "it's a B!" My first thought was "Crap! There's a bee in my house!" (they can spot a bee from a mile away) Then I turned around, and saw this:

Do you see the silver letter B on the shelf? She recognized and named the letter B! I was amazed that my little girl just knew that was the letter B! It hit me to the core at how blessed I am, and how amazing and miraculous my precious little girls are. They're learning, not at the same speed as some other singletons their age, they are amazing; that I have the opportunity to help mold, shape, and teach. That put moment every rough patch of the day into real perspective. I love them. They are my joy. So I had to laugh (and cry) a little bit at how much fun life is through the eyes of a two year old.

It's a B. Yes. It is finally a B!


  1. Good job Addie!!! Thats so awesome.
    With Bella having a speech delay, I totally understand where you are coming from.
    My advice...if it still your concern, talk to your pediatrician early...cause (at least here in Texas) you can get speech therapy for them for free until they are 3. After that, you are in the hands of the school district, and not as easy to work with!!

  2. I love witnessing those fun milestones. Good job, Addie!

  3. that's so great! it feels so AMAZING to literally watch your children learn + absorb new things so i can imagine how excited you must have been! :)

  4. Really? You think they’re behind? Caedyn is 18 months and she hasn’t identified a letter or number yet (that I know of). She does have lots of words though, but still prefers to point and grunt. Why talk when grunting achieves your goal (and/or sitting on the floor screaming . . . . )?