Around 5:30 last night, after running errands in a far and unfamiliar part of town, it was cold. I had left the girls' jackets at home as the plan was they would be staying in the car. I was in a dark parking lot as I turned the key in the ignition- and heard the sound of a drained battery. There was no way my car was starting. Agh!
I called my parents, who live near us- but still far away from where I was. Hurried the girls into the foyer of the nearby warm hospital and waited for my rescue brigade.
It could have been so much worse, I could have been in a bad part of town, I could have had nowhere warm to take the girls, the girls could have been really grumpy, and my parents could have been out of town that day.
Thankfully, none of that happened. The girls loved the hospital. (enough to smile for a picture! See Addie above) There were lots of people to make a fuss over them. Mom and Dad arrived pretty quickly, and my car battery was not really dead, just a bit disabled. The jump worked, and I was off!

The lesson here:
1. Do not let kids watch DVD's while the car is off. Waste the gas so that you can continue driving.
It's much easier that way.
2. Learn how to jump start a car and buy jumper cables. This is the second time this has happened to me- but in two different cars! It's a valuable skill to learn so that family (my Dad) doesn't have to get off work to help you and your mother jump your car.

...and also, a HUGE, GIGANTIC thank you to Mom and Dad for driving all the way out there to help!


  1. Being stranded with kids is no fun! Glad it turned out so well.

  2. Yikes, I'm so glad you guys were ok!! Glad there was a warm hospital nearby. Yeah for Mom and Dad to the rescue!