Stop Following Me!

This cute little raincloud has been following me lately! I'm trying to be upbeat and optimistic! I really am! It's just hard with a doctor's appointment looming this afternoon... and then all of the food poisoning madness at 1am this morning. I'm tired. I have a lot to do. My tummy is still feeling queasy. The girls need amusement.
Go away raincloud! My in-laws are coming into town- it's New Year's- it's time to party! Not time to get sick and feel icky.... yet again!


  1. you've been sick a lot lately..... are you pregnant???? :) jk I hope you start feeling better. It is so not fun when everyone around you feels fine and wants to have fun and party and you feel like crap. :(

  2. I totally understand the rain cloud thing, I think it follows all named "mom"

  3. Good luck getting everything ready! Hope the sun comes out :).

  4. Oh Becca- you are too much! I am soo not pregnant! LOL

    And things are looking better today. Hurray!