Post Christmas Laziness

There are still bags of shredded wrapping paper on the stairs- boxes are opened and strewn about... the dishes haven't been done... and there's probably only pumpkin pie in the fridge. I guess the holiday is over and it's back to work; Clearing out the remnants of fun and carefree Christmas cheer.
...although we got some new games for the Wii, it's going to be pretty hard pulling ourselves away from the TV to get to the massive cleanup efforts that must happen before the in-laws arrive.

... but there's always tomorrow!


  1. I think the greatest Christmas gift I could receive would be a housekeeping service right after the holidays. Good luck with the clean up!! I think we're all going through that.

  2. I hear you! I spent ALL day yesterday cleaning the house and doing laundry- YUCK! Good luck with it all but I think the Wii is calling your name.

  3. I have to laugh at this because this is EXACTLY how we are feeling right now! Things are EVERY where and we need to clean up but still haven't and we have ZERO food in our house. Oh well huh?!