Mad at Snow

Things I have learned about snow:

-It piles up on the dish- so if you want to watch Private Practice you have to go sweep it every 30 mins.
-If your trees still have all their leaves, snow makes it so heavy they bend and almost snap. Thus you have to go shake your trees every hour or so. Even now they're a bit deformed.
-You have to have a coat- or some sort of jacket. I have neither of these things. Snow boots would have been a plus.
-Nobody can drive when the city only has a few snow bulldozers.
-Any fun party plans you have are squashed and leave you eating too many cookies while watching TV.
-Snow is bad if you work for UPS and your giant, un-snow-ready truck gets stuck in the middle of the road and you have to wait to for a tow until 9pm.
-Any amount of snow (especially the most we've had in 30 years) will effectively shut down a Las Vegas airport that doesn't have any way of clearing the snow off the runways- and keeping Mom in San Diego for another day.

This was only the beginning:I thought it would be fun to take pictures of the snow. Surely it wouldn't last long! Little did I know it would be trapping me in our house!


  1. I'm mad at snow too Ashley! Top Chef didn't record last night, I too have to dust off my dish satellite, my husband has to work in this weather all day outside doing construction- my TV that has been out of commission for two weeks was supposed to be delivered today- they can't because of snow and no one knows how to drive in this weather!I missed going to a friends one year old party last night due to the weather and I may miss a lunch date today- ugh! I'd kick the snow but then my foot will be cold- grr- or should I say brrr?

  2. I cannot believe ya'll are getting so much snow...thats just crazy!! And Vegas people can't drive in rain...I can't even imagine what its like in SNOW! lol.
    Good luck!!

  3. this is killing me! you guys are hilarious! we got ice, then snow, then some more ice, and then a little more snow, and more ice is on the menu for tonight. and except for the schools, life goes on! you guys act like you've never seen it before. oh, wait...lol!

  4. Hey! When it got over 100 degrees out there this summer everyone flipped out. 100 is a piece of cake! Hee Hee...

  5. yeah, well, i'd take 100 degrees of dry heat over 85 degrees of humidity any day too, lol! and we ended up not getting any more ice, just rain, and it's like 50 out now. but no worries, by sunday it's supposed to be all ice and snow and temps in the single digits again! weird midwestern weather!

  6. I know, I'm sorry you missed my party! I'm glad you got a super cute ornament for yourself thought!! :)