More Snow!

You bet your sweet bippy I woke my kids up early from their nap to come play in the snow!

The Bunny was ecstatic. Although a bit shocked when she fell on her bottom. Slippery!

Squirt was curious- but guarded.

When they started shivering I asked if they wanted to go inside. The answer was "no!"

Our first snowball! Oh the memories!


  1. That is SO COOL!!! Yay for snow! brrrrr.

  2. Ashley -- looks like you're an expert at snowball making as well. :) I can't seem to download my pictures onto the computer, so my snow blog entry will have to wait. :( What a day, eh? And it just keeps coming . . . . and to think I was going to run to Toys R Us tonight. I think I'll stay by the fireplace instead.

  3. yah for snow!!! that's a rare day in Las Vegas. How long did it stick around? You're girls look soo cute, as usual!! I miss you and the girls.

  4. lol! how cute! snow in vegas, who knew? john said it snowed once during his mission, and that was the first time in forever. of course, his mission was about ten years ago...