Doing Stuff

I got so much done today. And miraculously, I have not caused the earth to shift it's axis. I also feel invigorated- instead of my usual drained! We even managed to get a walk in. I love the tree-lined streets by our house. It's so un-Vegas:

Some of you out there may question when this picture was taken- it was today... middle of November.... and we're just now starting to see the leaves change colors. Yes, you who are in snow can now start drooling and feeling extremely jealous.

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  1. People who live in climates where snow is a common occurrence are not mentally intact. There is no upside to having snow. It's pretty when it first starts falling, then what? I'll tell you what, dangerous driving conditions, having to shovel it from drive/walkways, and the freezing cold that brings sickness. It's pretty much the exact opposite of a fiery hell, but worse.