I have brought shame upon my family! I forgot to grab my camera until the last 10 minutes of the shower. I will now have to wear sackcloth and ashes for the rest of the week. Just as I remembered I needed to start taking some pictures- pronto! In pops Jen with this gem of a digital camera! I'm so jealous! I want to roll old-school too!
But alas, I promised you pictures- Sorry they are so few! (and not really of the actual shower!)
The real story here was Cayden. He is a hammy ham! I got better pictures of him than my own children! That boy was made for the camera!
Of course Cayden will look sweetly at the camera- My girls? Get with the program!
And it was a shower after all- Laura received some really cute baby-ness. I'm sorry I don't have more pics! We had such fun- and such awesome people! I can't believe that Aunt Janeane knew so many people from our ward! Thanks for coming! I'm sorry I did not photograph most of you. You know, in case anyone needed an alibi! :)
After presents there is always fun to be had. Those girls have such a great time with Joseph.
Bunny was very possessive about her bow. All I wanted was a picture! Although I think she heard the dogs barking upstairs. Her reaction was priceless. Hannah! You are so cute!Bunny thought everyone needed a hug as a parting gift.


  1. Thank goodness for no camera! :-) You got all the cuteness that was there, anyway!

  2. Oh-so-cute! I wish I could have been there. Great job, Ashley

  3. Yes, yes...good job! Thanks so much for throwing that for her!
    BUT SHAME ON YOU! LOL. And the picture of my mom has her face covered! You do realize it's been a year since I've seen my sisters and 4 months since I've seen my mother? Haha...I'm DESPERATE!
    Anyways...you're forgiven. You're the best for doing that for her.

  4. I can't believe Laura is having a baby! How exciting! Tell her congratulations from me will you?