A certain number of things about Ashley Bryan

I am going to try and out-do Trent. I woke up way early, before the kids. So I may just have the time!

1. I buy Bit O Honey candy wherever I can find it, it reminds me of my childhood.
2. I just found out about evite.
3. My brother makes me feel incompetent when it comes to technology.
4. Before kids, I would have been a great graphic designer.
5. I don't like watching movies in the theater.
6. I consider myself a really good driver, I think I could hold my own as a stunt-driver.
7. I don't know how to use a stick shift, though. I'm convinced I cannot be taught.
8. I love dogs- and really don't like cats.
9. I cannot eat anything seafood-oriented. Including shrimp: It's gross.
10. I made my own babyfood for a while. It wasn't any cheaper. (but so much better for them!)
11. I have never bought my own computer. They are all hand-me-downs.
12. I will never own a mini-van.
13. I seriously want to move to Seattle. If an offer came along- I'd be gone.
14. I forgot to feed my hamster and it died. I was 21 at the time- it haunts me.
15. I can't use the new version of Microsoft Word. It's complicated.
16. I can't wear high heels after my first pregnancy- still.
17. Somehow, I think I've become a morning person! It's weird.
18. I always misspell definitely. Thank you spell-check.
19. I can't believe anyone puts stickers on their car! They always end up looking gross!
20. I have seen three different Smart cars. I am intrigued by their small-ness... but not enough to actually own one.
21. I believe my husband and I are polar opposites. I don't know how we still get along.
22. I still can't believe I married someone that likes the game Magic and played Dungeons & Dragons.
23. I use the word "seriously" way too often. But I probably won't stop.
24. My vocabulary is quite extensive. I don't really know how it happened.
25. I could eat breakfast for dinner every day. And I could eat dinner for breakfast.
26. I used to be jealous of my brother for being "the good kid".
27. I think large families are just... too large! I like two kids. It works for me.
28. I can be a little too blunt sometimes.
29. After years of piano lessons- I still can't read music.
30. Caramel is my kryptonite.
31. I've seriously considered spending our savings on a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes. It seems silly considering #16.
32. I don't like Oprah. I really dislike her! She's preachy and it annoys me when the topic of her show includes things like saving money, raising children, or marriage- things she knows nothing about.
33. College never challenged me. Wow, that sounded really stuck up! But I stand by my statement.
34. I loathe people who jay-walk. But I do it sometimes.
35. Growing up, I wanted to be an astronaut. But you have to be good at math and have 20/20 vision.
36. I am really, really bad at math. Really, it's unbelievable.
37. I worked in the Bursar's office for UNLV once. It was the hardest job I've ever had. (see #36- and perhaps a dictionary for Bursar)
38. I think being afraid of heights is silly.
39. I have nightmares on a regular basis. Although some of them would make great horror novels.
40. I don't know how to text people. One time I texted someone's landline. I still considered it a success.
41. I remember the floorplan of the townhouse my family lived in when I was a small child.
43. I would much rather be cold than warm.
44. I love the rain. I really don't like sunny days.
45. I prefer oil paints over acrylic.
46. I go to Target at least once a week- oftentimes more.
47. I still have the user's manual for my toaster oven, and pretty much everything else.
48. I don't keep receipts for anything.
49. I am more of a handy man than my husband.
50. I think my name sounds like a furniture company.
51. I am trying to write a book- my husband thinks that fact is hilarious. (the book is about having twins)
52. I will put sliced black olives into almost every recipe I make.
53. Powdered dairy products creep me out.
54. I feel like an impostor driving a Lexus.
55. I gave a dog I adopted back to the shelter. I still feel horrible.
56. I love wearing hoodies. This is probably why I love winter.
57. My default mode of dress is super-casual. I have a hard time dressing up.
58. I love Del Taco- hate Taco Bell.
59. I cannot touch (or think about) cotton balls; it gives me goosebumps.
60. I am dreading potty training twins.
61. I am personally offended by the La Leche League.
62. I am a neat freak who doesn't like to clean.
63. I hate wearing shoes. I am always barefoot at home.
64. I don't ever want to live on a golf course. I'm convinced a golf ball would break our windows.
65. It is physically painful to watch commercials. That's why my DVR is my best friend.
67. The show Jon & Kate Plus Eight makes my life look like a cakewalk. But I still think having twins is driving me insane.
68. I don't look good with short hair- no matter how hard I try.
69. I am the political black sheep of the family.
70. I have had to admit that I am a control freak.
71. I'm bothered that two ways of describing me end in "freak". (see #70 & #62)
72. I am amazed you have read down this far. Am I really that interesting?
73. There are a few times during my day that I wish I drank hard liquor. (I'm not a drinker- for any of those new here)
74. Once, I actually "updated my registration" from one of those scam emails on PayPal. I felt so dumb.
75. It bothers me when the twins aren't wearing matching outfits. It also bothers me that it bothers me.
76. Spending one-on-one time with my Dad in Mesa Arizona is one of the best things I did this year.
77. I'm very picky about my pickles. They must be dill- not Vlasic brand- and I hate sweet and bread & butter flavor.
78. No matter how hard my parents tried- I still don't like squash.
79. I love wearing my hair in pigtails.
80. When I have long hair, it always looks better after I sleep on it. It's an unexplained phenomenon.
81. I love Heinz 57 sauce. It tastes good on everything!
82. I have been quoted or interviewed for parenting magazines at least 4 times in the past year. I can't believe anyone would want to publish my randomness.
83. I have to get out of the house at least once a day- or else I'm in a bad mood.
84. I've recently found out that I cannot stay up anywhere near midnight.
85. My first car was a VW New Beetle. It was awesome.
86. I care about saving the rainforest. The ebola virus lives in there- leave the rainforest alone!
87. I throw batteries in the trash. What are you supposed to do with them?! It says don't throw them away, but who do I give them to?
88. I used to be a really good public speaker. Something happened... now I'm not! What's up with that?!
89. We have moved 4 times in the past 5 years. I can't believe I'm thinking about moving again.
90. I love to re-arrange furniture. My mom does as well- so it may be genetic.
91. I do not currently own one single highlighter. Isn't that weird?
92. I love dry-erase boards. I have three downstairs that are always covered in notes.
93. I have to have a watch or my cell phone with me at all times. I intensely need to know what time it is.
94. I'm constantly forgetting to wear my wedding ring because I take it off to put lotion on.
95. I'm a part-time germaphobe. It kind of comes and goes.
96. I would be lost without a dishwasher.
97. My dad is a twin. Beyond that, I'm the only one that has twins in our family.
98. Because I had identical twins, I am something like 65% more likely to have another set of twins. That scares me.
99. I've always wanted a pet giraffe.
100. I sometimes drive past the houses I grew up in and reminisce.
101. I dance around the house with my ipod when no one is home... and babies are asleep.
102. My guilty pleasures include America's Next Top Model, One Tree Hill, and The Hills.
103. I've had an amazing amount of flat tires in my life.
104. I think driving for more than 10 minutes is too far for most things. Stephanie & Sunset is considered the complete other side of town for me. Forget about North Las Vegas.
105. *I'm still afraid of fireworks. I hate the 4th of July- let's burn our house down! Yay!
106. *I hated painting my house- but I wouldn't trust anyone else doing it!
107. *My motto is measure sometimes, cut 5 times. It's not a very good motto...
108. *I have sunglasses on my head about 96% of the time- even when it's dark outside. It's kinda my signature look.

The asterisk marks the additions, as per Trent's system. :)


  1. Wow! We have LOTS in common! Ryan tested for a position on the Seattle Fire Dept. and ALMOST got it (missed the final interview by
    .03%- sigh) I love the rain- I too am writing a novel and I agree- two kids for me (oh, and as you know, I too offloaded a dog- I almost sent a $4000 dog to the shelter- seriously!) You can finish this post- is it 100 random things or something? Let me know- I may copy you and do it to my post!

  2. I would love to read your list, Lacie. I think we are pretty similar!

  3. Regarding---->
    #10: Your kids are healthier for your sweet efforts;
    #13: WHAT??!?!! over my dead body!;
    #26: the good kid? what the heck!
    #55: What was the name of that 3-legged dog, "Sam"? Ohhhh- he was so pathetic! And you felt so bad for him.
    #72: Yes - and you're more so everyday!
    #98: WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR??? GO FOR IT!! (bring on more grandkids!! at the rate Trent's going, you may be our only hope!!)
    Love you, cutie!

  4. I think I laughed out loud at least 5 times. I love your sense of humor and interestingly enough...we have a lot in common! Enjoyed reading your list! Kerry

  5. What a fun post, i don't think I could find 100 things about me. too hard.
    Anyway loved the comment about not wearing high heels after kids. To be honest I always look at your flats because you are always wearing the cutest ones.

    And I totally watch John and Kate because it makes me remember the good ol' times with lots of little ones running around. You think it's crazy know wait until they become pre teens!!

  6. You'd be surprised, Julie! I didn't think there was anyway I was going to finish. But it was so fun!

  7. You are hilarious! I'm surprised you live in Vegas, though -- liking the cold and all (although we're glad you're here anyway). I, like Kerry, found a lot of things we have in common. Fun post!

  8. 1- Bit O Honey are hard to find now aren't they?
    3-I love e-vite!
    7-can't drive a stick either, don't want to at this point, can't they make them all automatics?
    10- I made my own baby food too! Food allergies made me paranoid ;)
    22-oooh MY hubbie plays D&D and used to play Magic
    49-woo hoo! fellow handy woman here!
    51- I wrote a book, and am now writing a second. Keep going! You can do it!

    I'm glad I read your brother's (?) list first because it made yours so much more hilarious!

  9. #14 - Is that a different hamster than the one that dad put to sleep with a shovel? (Haha, sorry I couldn't resist.)

    #26 - Oh how times change.

  10. Yes- different hamster. I got it when Logan and I were first married. Thanks for bring up the shovel- just add to the trauma!
    ...and thanks for letting me be the golden child for a while! LOL

  11. Okay you are so funny! I was laughing the entire time, or thinking me too! Ha! That made my afternoon. Sorry I'm really behind... it's been a while since I've got to check everyone's blogs!

  12. Very nicely done. Not quite as well written as my list, but you tried your best and you should feel good about yourself. :) Haha.

    And I am NOT going to mention that I am now about to 106 (including recent additions). :)


  13. i always spell definitly wrong too! what the heck!??<@ great list.