The genius and the busy day

Done! I have singlehandedly solved the energy crisis! From now on, we will all rely on twin power! It works especially well with shopping cart locomotion. The grateful masses can now breathe a sigh of relief.

I'm surprised I even had time to solve a major world issue and win the Nobel prize. My precious To-Do board is packed! And this is just stuff for today! I've had to outsource another dry-erase board for the rest of the week's errands!


  1. You amaze me! :-)Now, get to work on the economy!

  2. Wow -- impressive! Were you checking out Linens and Things, by the way? I keep waiting for their deals to get better . . . I have a few things I really want. Anyway, happy shopping!

  3. I know! It's the worst "Going out of Business" sale I've ever seen! 10% - 40% off?! Really?! Call me when it's at least 75%! That's a real sale!