Every Year

Yes, it's every year you meteorologists tease us. Saying this will be the last day in the 90's. Ah, but it is never to be. Later this week, in fact, we have highs of 92. It's freakin' October! It should be cool! I want Fall! I'll settle for a frigid winter! Anything but the hot!


  1. After reading the first sentence I thought you were blogging to us from the past. (the 1990's) haha.

    Oh and I responded to your graphic design comment. You were kidding right?

  2. Oh and the link on the side of your page to "The Whitney's" (which isn't who I expected lol) is broken. You have "http//" written twice in the URL.

    You are welcome.

  3. it's a nice 65 degrees here in the midwest, but this is the first real week of "fall" weather. we had an extended indian summer. and who knows what'll be like next week, but right now, i'm really enjoying the crisp autumn weather!

  4. Ah, Trent. You make me feel so old and stupid. Don't you know I am the older, wiser sister? Wax on, wax off, young grasshopper.