Not again.....

I'm beginning to think that putting grass in our backyard was a monumental mistake. Our half-landscaped yard has been nothing but trouble. It's the smallest backyard in human history, and we thought it would be easy to put in a patch of grass and a tree. Wrong! It took at least two months.
We are in the middle of the subdivision that is only about half completed. The economy is so bad they are only building three homes at a time. But every time they start another house, and the water pressure changes, a sprinkler head goes geyser on me. I don't know how long it takes for me to notice, but I'm sure it's a while. I think in the past four months, we've changed six sprinkler heads.
Ah, the joys of home-ownership. Sometimes, they are few.
Anyone know a landscaper that might take pity on us and come fix this sinking ship on the cheap?

....Speaking of home ownership. This crazy housing market has me freaked. We just bought our first home- and I'm always a little dodgy about making huge decisions like this. I still have the 3 million boxes it took to move us in here in the garage... just in case this whole house of cards comes falling down- we'll have the boxes to make our quick escape! I guess it's just a security blanket, a ton of boxes in my garage.


  1. Who needs sprinklers when we have the oh-so-reliable Las Vegas rain to feed the grass?

  2. Yeah, I'm just so extravagant! The next thing you know, we'll get indoor plumbing too!

  3. it is still unfathomable to me that you need to water your grass. that kills me! i mean, it just grows where i'm from, you know? no help needed.