Reading, Water Bills, Funkiness, and Problem Solving

I'm beginning to wonder if I've fallen into a bit of a funk. I'm unsure because I'm finally finishing The Goldfinch and I'm noticing an uptick in my mood. As it comes to a conclusion I'm not as dark and brooding, things aren't as dire as they used to appear. But that could also be attributed to a weather phenomenon that dropped the temps twenty degrees in 24 hrs. as well. STAVE OFF SUMMER! I AM ON BOARD!

But still. Should books be able to do this to me? Is it a good author? Am I just too susceptible to emotional print manipulation? Do I pour my problems into whatever mould I happen to be ingesting? These are not shallow waters, and really, who has the time right now.

I don't know, I'm getting the migraine thing under control, but there seems to be a bit of a lingering darkness that perhaps I need to medicate. Sorry to make it weird in the first two paragraphs. I'm seeing a few red flags like trying to find a hobby, something that makes me happy, to aim for when Little Man goes to Kindergarten, and am coming up blank. Nothing moves my interest in the slightest. That cannot be good. I should have things I WANT to do, some dreams and aspirations. I have zero at the moment. So there's another project. Migraines down! Now onto curating HOPE.

I opened our water bill today and got quite a shock. We had a rather hefty credit balance. REALLY HEFTY. For a second I began to panic that I mispaid some bills, like the time I paid our cellphone company much more than I should have because I MEANT to pay the credit card bill. That's a bummer because you can't really ask for it BACK. You just don't make a couple phone payments, and fork out additional funds to cover the unpaid or wrongly paid credit card. It's a fine mess. (Online bill pay pros: the money I save on postage and checks alone is astronomical. Cons: I have to pay lots of attention to grids and columns and sometimes I put the wrong total in the wrong box and it's a catastrophe) 

So here I am panicking and I find an explanation for the credit- we have finally earned our DEPOSIT back. After two years of paying our $30 water bill, they finally decided they could give us back our $150 deposit. TWO YEARS. I'm both happy and angry. (I'm a complex sack of meat) Elated to have some extra Target monies, but super duper mad the water company could just claw onto it for that long. It makes me very angry. So then I have to think about what fun thing I could get with the new deposit money. Maybe this? The commercials looked so good, but I should perhaps check out some user reviews first.

For those of you wondering about the eczema! Whether the flare up was on its way out anyway or the number of things I did all at the same time have worked, in whatever combination, things have calmed down dramatically. We took him off milk and most dairy, (he has still had the stray slice of cheese pizza here and there) give him Omega-3 Fish oil supplements, (like these) the Cetaphil Body Wash has been VIP alongside the Alba Botanica Very Emollient Lotion. (the Scotty Pippin of skincare routines, invaluable) His skin is as smooth as butter. Congratulations to ME. Let there be a parade.

I'm trying desperately not to gain too much of the weight back, but I'm afraid it's creeping back. The doughnuts in my freezer are the giveaways. And the Cadbury wrappers crinkled in the trashcan, they also have some tales. Have you sussed out this month's theme? Win some, lose some. It's a balance, and I'm trying to be ok with that.

How have y'all been? What is YOUR favorite spring candy? Idea! Easter candy potluck! Just floating it out there.

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  1. CADBURY CREAM EGGS rOCK!! let do potluck- reeses eggs included...