The Girls' Wish List

1. Glo Pet

There is no number 2. So I should just get them a dang glo pet, right? NO. 


Because I have a million better ideas and quite frankly, I know what they would enjoy long term better than they do. I am an ADULT. 

Secondly, how the glo pet landed on the Santa list is dubious at best. Let me set the scene, we are at a GROCERY STORE, and in the middle of the cheese aisle the demonic employees have set up a whole "seen on TV" crap display. And the kids start up with the "I want this now!" which I am normally immune to. Here's the fatal mistake: I said flippantly, "ask Santa" just to end the whining. 

Well! They really latched onto that idea. I'm not even confident that they know why a glo pet is desirable/what it does. Just a score for the clever marketing and packaging department. 

So that's where we are. The Christmas shopping is on lockdown and a glo pet is not in the midst. I refuse to worry about it. There are much better, more expensive toys in the mix. You are lucky, children. If I hear any whining Christmas morning every toy in this house goes to Goodwill. 

Kids! You can't pick out a toy in the cheese aisle of Smith's. The grocery store toys are the lamest toys! For weird uncles to buy you on Christmas Day in the same purchase as their ramen and wonder bread.

Note: this post was entirely written after taking my nighttime meds. Sure, I'm seeing colors and my pillow can probably speak to me at this point, but I think I've made some valid arguments.


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  1. Spencer's list is crammed full of CRAP and every time he adds something to his list he says, "I'm getting blah-blah-blah" and I say "NO. You are *asking* for blah-blah-blah". But anyhow, I don't think he's actually getting anything on his list. I should probably pick something off of it, right? Chapstick. He did ask Santa for chapstick.