Random Story of Little Consequence

Back in that dew-eyed first year of marriage, in our tiny, oddly triangle-shaped apartment, our kitchen flooded. Not once, but three times. I sleuthed it out that the dishwasher was the culprit, I just couldn't surmise WHY. So I called up the maintenance crew, for the first time ever, not really thinking through the fact that I would be a young woman in a seedy apartment building alone with a no-doubt burly repairman. I am sure my mother would have been mortified. She probably is going white as a sheet just reading this. (I also pump my own gas- alone- at night! I am probably the easiest murder victim, and no one should be surprised if it happens- have zero regard for my personal safety, it seems)

So here I am, waiting for this repair man to fix the dishwasher so I could get back to... studying? (or watching junk TV... whichever) With his head wedged all the way into the dishwasher he asked "do you wash plastic utensils in here? You shouldn't do that." I was quite offended at this. OF COURSE NOT. Who does that?! We may be poor, but we have our DIGNITY, SIR. 

He pulled out several tines and remnants of plastic forks for his rebuttal. "Don't try and reuse plastic cutlery. It melts and clogs the drain." He then dismissively left without allowing for my rebuttal. 

I would never DREAM of washing plastic cutlery in the hopes of reusing them! They are DISPOSABLE. I understand this concept. We actually owned our very own set of silverware, thankyouverymuch! We aren't BARBARIANS! 

I was so galled and embarrassed that this man had left my dwelling believing such base lies about me I had a hard time letting go of the anger. Had the management office been open I would have called simply to CLARIFY THINGS, but it was after-hours and whatnot. 

To this very day, ten years later, I think of that maintenance worker every time I load the dishwasher and get all bent out of shape all over again. 

There was a similar incident with an entire bowl of fettuccine that was put down the disposal and had to be removed by a plumber- but I accepted that blame! IT WAS ME who didn't know that pasta can keep expanding with water and become a thick paste clogging up U valves. I learned my lesson. I didn't shy away from the accusation, I took it, like the civilized human being that I am.


(On a related note, I have never washed plastic Ziploc bags for reuse either)

I just... had to get that out there. I know you aren't reading this, maintence guy from shady apartment complex, but the universe needs to know- IT WASN'T US. 

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