Halloween: All or Nothing

I'm having some issues with Halloween this year that I think need to be addressed. Issues that grate on my think-y parts and make me kinda twitchy.

Item one:

Come late September, I start buying bags of candy. You know, for the handful of trick or treaters we get each year. And by the week of Halloween, without fail, all the candy is mysteriously gone. There are also a few more pounds on the scale; something fishy is going on there. 
This week I decided to remedy the problem by purchasing a large container of individually wrapped bags of bat-shaped pretzels. The neighborhood kids will hate us, I'm sure. 

Item two:

We have a new principal at school this year, and he's making some policy changes. Instead of having the kids wear their costumes to school, they are only allowed to wear them the last hour of class time. Until then, they must be stuffed into back packs. The kids will not be allowed to use restrooms to change, so the costumes also must be able to fit over regular clothes. 

Sheesh, man. Just ban the costumes. I would really prefer that to this nonsense. Either allow costumes entirely, or not at all. These rules are just too much for me to deal with, new principal. 

Item 3:

Nevada day usually falls around Halloween each year, so I've grown accustomed to having the day off school for the occasion. This year, we had a FOUR DAY WEEKEND the week BEFORE Halloween. Call me crazy, but I would have much preferred the two extra days off this week. I have no idea how to juggle homework, school bedtimes, and holiday celebrations. I foresee three over tired children in our future.

1 comment:

  1. The last hour? That's ridiculous. I agree, just ban the costumes. Parents would be thrilled, I assure you.