A Reminder To Carry Petty Cash

As a rule I don't carry any amount of cash on me. Besides the stray quarter (for gumball machines) and a frillion pennies, (for pond/fountain tossing) everything goes on the debit card. Like the sixty seven cent pumpkin for Squirt's class? Yes, I swiped it.

The advent of the debit card was monumental in my life. Those things solved so many problems for me. I feel like a fool counting out money- I'm terrible at it, I even became all cold-sweaty, mind-racy about it. 

Math has never been my friend. Numbers are my arch-nemesis. 

We rarely buy stuff in stores anyway, having transferred most of my purchases to the digital realm- where three kids cannot hide inside of carousel clothing racks.

So imagine my surprise when Bunny announced her tooth was loose. Really loose!

Yeah, we were having breakfast at McDonald's on a school day- WHAT OF IT.

That tooth is hanging my mere threads. I have the specially ordered owl tooth fairy holders, all set and ready to break out and blow some wee minds. 

This is where I realized the tooth fairy business is pretty much a cash & carry operation. 

Yeaaaaah. It took me that long to put the peices together. The tooth fairy needs to make a run to the ATM. (I'm still kind of wondering why our small children don't just have pay pal accounts at this point. Is it because the mall carousel doesn't take pay pal? Perhaps) 

While we're talking about milestones- what, perchance, is the going rate for a tooth these days? My Dad said he got ten cents back in the day. Would a dollar be adjusting properly for inflation? Keep in mind I have twins, so whoever comes up with ten bucks is going to have to pay me directly. 

I get the feeling that the amount per tooth is going to fall as all these teeth start coming due- 'cause I am just that cheap/underprepared. 

"Oh, look honey! The tooth fairy left you a piece of string, an Altoid, and a Canadian... I'm gonna say penny? Congratulations, dear. Don't spend it all in one place." 

Perhaps I should also take bets on when the tooth is going to give it up already? This is day two of "I can't eat anything other than things the consistency of apple sauce because my tooth hurts." And it's getting old, guys.  


  1. I think I got a dollar for each tooth, and a silver dollar for the last time the tooth fairy visited (when I didn't believe anymore). I guess I should figure this out too - S has a loose tooth, but it's not super loose so I've been ignoring it.

  2. Ha! I have thought about this, too...I never have cash. I can remember my mom having to "borrow" from my sister's stash of money a time or two when we were younger and she was caught without cash. (Mom was a check-writer the same we are all now card-swipers!) We got $1 for teeth, I believe; that's pretty much what I plan to do.

  3. hahaha love it!! some parents go nuts with the tooth- $5 ect- I'd sa $1 is good- if they whine (which they shouldn't) you can always say the tooth fairy doesnt like whiners and wont come back- and maybe they should be better brushers or something (I'm getting cranky in my old age/pregnant state)

  4. Jake got $5 for the first one and gets 1-2 dollars for the others.

  5. My cunning plan is to go to the bank and get a whole bunch of the cool little dollar coins, and have the tooth fairy deliver a shiny dollar every time. Who wouldn't love that?