Open House Night: I'm Sweaty

I both love and hate open house night. I love the idea of letting the kids see the teacher before actual school. I love hyping it up, and I love using it as an instrument to get stuff done. (ie: bribery)

What I do not like about open house: it is the whole school, including two sets of parents mostly, (that makes me all stabby and resentful that The Husband works late/erratic hours & I have to fend for myself) trying to cram into a small hallway and into the school ALL AT THE SAME TIME. I have a thing about crowds- and it is not good. I should take an extra Xanax for times like these, maybe two. 

I cannot help but think this could be partially rectified by blocking the time out by grade. 1st grade 4:30, 2nd grade 5:00, etc. STAGGER THE CROWDS, people. 

Another problem is that I have a 3 yr old who must wander and touch everything. He'll probably knock something over. If there's a water fountain in the room- (which there always is, it seems) he's on it. My kids are generally unaware and useless in crowds. They seem to be completely missing the fact that they are in the way, blocking someone's path, or just generally need to move! So we're super fun to be around, and I am acutely aware of this.

In addition to our awkwardness, I decide the only logical thing to do is bring the whole supply list with us to drop off at open house. Well, I was having a hard time figuring out the logistics of how to drag three kids, 4 reams of copy paper, 2 Sam's club sized bottles of Purell, 8 boxes of Kleenex, 4 boxes of ziploc bags, as well as the assorted markers/crayons/scissors/etc. from my car to the classrooms. I decided to employ the stroller. I had a stroller full of copy paper and other stuff I had shoved into bags. 

By the time I had navigated around the bazillion people walking slower than molasses, I was sweating, and tugging at a 3 yr old with a leash. It was QUITE the first impression. (At least I come bearing... supplies?) 

I met with Bunny's teacher first. As she is new to our specific school, I was... curious. She turned out to be excellent. Her classroom was a bit bare-boned, (as compared to Squirt's teacher) but she seemed to be very curriculum focused and answered all my questions. I then apologized for being such a disruptive circus of a family. She smiled and winked "I have five kids, with twins too, just a bit younger than your girls." We had a mental fist bump moment and I knew she would be The Perfect teacher for Bunny. (who is a smidge behind- probably due to a Rx glasses change mid-year) She appreciates the crazy. I walked away feeling like she really "got" me, which was nice.

Then onto Squirt's teacher. I found out that she is the "favorite" 1st grade teacher among my circle of friends, coincidentally. Her classroom was full of decorations, her theme being "bees." It was lovely and adorable. Squirt's teacher was delightful and spent a while talking one-on-one with Squirt. She also answered yet more questions, and put my mind at ease about some of my bus-related fears. (However she mentioned the school was still hiring one more teacher for the grade, so the possibility of moving kids around after the first day is high- EEEEP) 

As we made the long walk back to our car, it started to rain. While I was stressed, and my nerves were fried- I left very excited for the school year, knowing my kids are in very capable hands. Whew! That was a close one. Now- if the school decides to shuffle the classes, and it affects MY kids, I will be quite pissed. Like "I pity da fool" pissed. Your move, school.

Have a great weekend! I'll be busy making muffins and various dips for school lunches. 

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