Big Shock: I'm a control freak

Thursday came as a shock to me as I started to list out the errands I needed to run before school starts up on Monday. The list just went on, and on! I quickly realized I had neglected to pick up a "first day" outfit for the girls. I just kept putting stuff off! Trying to avoid the "back to school crowd." Which is a thing! It is totally a thing. I swear.

I knew I wanted to do the supply list closer to the meet your teacher evening (tonight). However, I was cutting it close on the clothes. I deemed Thursday Mall Day. And off we went. I told the girls that they could pick out whatever they wanted for their first day outfit. We don't buy a new wardrobe at the beginning of the year because it will still be in the 100's until around Halloween. They'll be wearing their summer stuff until that time. So we get one special outfit. I should have known this strategy would go wrong. Give kids a little independence, it seems, and they will strangle you with it. As soon as they hit the first store, the girls didn't seem to be catching on to anything. I found these rad shirts with butterfly sleeves and a crocheted bodice. It was beautiful, in a mint color, and even better, was on SALE. But no, of course they didn't like it. They wanted a DRESS. Turns out they found a dress they loved on the clearance rack. Ok, well, at least it will be cheap! They had two of the same color, but it was about 2 sizes too big. They rejected this reasoning and insisted they try the dresses on. I offered to try a different store - again, no. So we tried the dresses on, and they're nothing special, just purple stripes. But they are HUGE. My girls, who normally make their regular size look a little baggy, look kinda ridiculous in these dresses. But boy, are they excited about them. According to the twins, these frocks are PERFECTION.

What was I to do?!

I reluctantly purchased them, in the back of my mind thinking maybe I could talk them into something else- perhaps something that FIT CORRECTLY, even? As the night progressed, I realized that no, they were firmly invested in these dresses. They picked out a few accessories at claire's, not taking the dress color into consideration. As they're talking about which shoes to wear, it becomes apparent that these girls are going to be a mis-matched mess. ON THE FIRST DAY. I am dying at the thought of what the first day pictures are going to look like. I am VERY conflicted.

If I go buy cute stuff independently and surprise them, the girls will be upset. Maybe it would be detrimental to their self esteem? (Mommy doesn't think we can pick out pretty clothes? My taste is not good enough in your eyes, Mom?)

If I try and take them back for another round of shopping, they'll just be confused and it will most likely end with a huge meltdown- either them or me.

All I'm really nervous about is how they'll look for my pretty pretty pictures! The pictures I will perhaps frame, or scrapbook, or at the very least post to Twitter. I'm a wee bit nervous they may be teased, or their teacher will think we're super poor and the clothes are hand-me-downs, or (the worst case scenario) that I am a bad mom who doesn't really care. All of these worries are stupid, I get it. But they are my FEELINGS.

If I let them do what they want, they will be happy, over the moon excited, and beaming from ear to ear as they skip off to school. (right?) So I should just shut myself up, and let them do it. I KNOW THIS.

This morning I woefully cut the tags on the size 8 dresses and popped them in the wash. (maybe they'll shrink a tad in the dryer?!) I am resigning myself to letting my kids be kids. I am just their mother, not their fashion guru...  or more accurately, their fashion dictator. I am going to support them in their own creativity. (that sounded haughty- sorry) I am going to promise them this, and hold myself to it.

Man, it's hard not to crush the spirits of these little ones sometimes. I want a Pinterest-worthy picture! It's all so silly and vain. Ok, getting over it. Good talk, internet. Thanks.


  1. How are you with sewing? You could turn them inside out, put them on the girls, pin down the size so they fit better and sew them up. Check them and them trim off the excess. If I lived closer I'd do it for you.

  2. I agree with April! Just follow the seams that are there.. and if you don't have a serger, just do a zig zag along the edge after cutting off the excess..

    might know all that.. :) i wish I lived closer too!

    I am the same way about the clothes. Cayden is so excited to pick out his own clothes at the stores.. Boys (and their clothes) are much easier to persuade :)

  3. I have had kids come to school with crazy mixed-matched outfits on. I ask them cheerfully, "Did you pick out your clothes today?" They nod and smile proudly. It's really quite cute and I think that the mom must be cool and relaxed about things, which is good news for me as their child's teacher.