The Great Idea Everyone Ignored

The girls were invited to a birthday party the other day. It was kind of last minute, which doesn't bother me that much, as I am flexible. (Stop laughing!) The best part was the invitation explaining something to the effect of "your friendship is present enough" and "presents are not expected." This was the first time I have come across this and YES! Refreshing! 

I guessed at the reasoning behind this as being 1) last minute invite? Don't worry about running to the store? (I was grateful!) then 2) Maybe an out for the families where money may be tight? Like we wouldn't want you to skip the party if buying a present would harm the finances? And what I was hoping it was all about 3) Our kid does not need more toys cluttering up the house, so let's just have a nice time and collect MEMORIES instead. 

That last one I found to be utter GENIUS! 

I've been fighting the crap for YEARS. Organizing the crap, buying storage containers for the crap, moving the crap from one room to the next. Guys, we have "upstairs toys" and "downstairs toys." 

Basically, I am certain we have too many toys. We never, under any circumstances need more toys. The idea of a toy-free birthday party was bucolic. 

Upon arriving at the party, I noticed something: we were the only people who DID NOT bring a gift. This was a fact the girls loudly noticed in front of everyone. The girls had brought up the gift thing and I had dutifully told them their friendship was enough. 

I felt like a complete fool. Here we were at this cool indoor play place which the family had rented out (the entire place) and we just showed up with the required socks. While nobody said anything or acted in a way that was anything less than cordial, I felt like a total jerk and wanted to go hide my shame in a corner somewhere. I should have ignored the note and just bought a dang present. 

However I was already totally sold on the idea and wanted to do it for my kid's parties. But will it all be for naught? Would everyone just bring presents anyway? 


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  1. they would all bring gifts anyway... this haas happened to me before.. :) sigggggghhhhhh