To The Fathers

To Grandad- 
Thank you for taking me to the park across from your house to slide when I was young. It is the one and only memory of you I have. Thank you for working tirelessly to support your family. Your plaque from the copper mine still hangs in my parent's home- a tribute to your dedication. Thank you for teaching my Dad the art of thriftiness, as well as the important things to splurge on. I try to buy the best and only buy it once. You made my Dad who he is, and that is one awesome guy. You have always been in my thoughts, as my guardian angel watching over me. My person in the clouds of heaven. You'd see the good and the bad- so I tried hard not to be naughty, I didn't want to disappoint you.

To Grandpa- (or Pop Pop) 
I should have told you just how much you meant to me. You were a wise guiding voice in my life, and the person I turned to when things were extra serious. In my mind, there was no problem you couldn't solve. Your sage advice was golden and I cherished it greatly. In the cool of your pool is where almost all of my childhood memories are. Of playing keep away with your hat, of magical days with cousins playing mermaids. And of camping in the mountains playing card games; Of rides in the big Jimmy, the never ending thrill of the novelty horn, which button combination would make which sound? Oh the laughs we would have. Then later as you cradled my babies; they would soundly drift off to sleep at the sound of your voice. Each of my three precious children knew the loving dulcet tones of your embrace even if it was for too short a while- one of the greatest gifts I hold dear. There is a hole in every day since you left us here on the earth, a Pop Pop sized gap. 

To Dad-
It is no exaggeration to say you made me who I am. Your weekends filled with projects and adventures we'd have with you. You made sure we had the nicest cardboard box cars in the zip code, the country, the world. You taught me to use some tools, to work hard and figure it out. To throw hands up the air and yell "garbage!" ...then go back to it until it was perfect. Your opinion is the only one that matters when it comes to the cars I buy, and you are the utmost authority on home repair and gadgetry. You are the quintessential Dad. And boy, am I one lucky girl. Time spent with you is always the best time, filled with jokes and laughter. Nothing is ever that bad when you're around. You're the perfect Papa, too. Ever so devoted to playing games and toys. You never seem bored to play princess fishing or lincoln logs. You're a keystone to our family, and we all love you.

To My Father In Law-
Thank you for raising a man who works hard, who never raises his voice to me, who is firm is his beliefs. Thank you for being a fun Father In Law who loves foods from every land, and always has lovely things to say. When I was newly pregnant with our first, (and unknowingly second!) you gave me reassurance that it would all be ok; I'll never forget that. And your dry wit always has me guessing, and then giggling. Thank you for guiding my husband to become a man I wanted to marry, and a father that would love and support us all.

To The Husband- 
Well, thank you for being you. For working harder than the average man. For going above and beyond your duties. For supporting me when I need it most. And for continuously surprising me with how much you still love and adore me after each passing year, and no matter how cranky I am by the end of the day. You didn't marry a Holly Homemaker, yet you never bemoan the fact I never cook. (and even when I do it has tomatoes) Thanks for the security you bring to my life. 

Happy Father's Day to all.

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